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 Innovative Technology Group is led by certified senior network engineers  and has over 80 years of combined experience in the computer industry.  Our products and services include network design, setup and support. Our  customers include both small and medium size companies that want to cut  the cost of having their own IT department and not sacrifice the  quality of service. We specialize in getting non-profit companies  discounted software and hardware so they can have more dollars going  towards their mission.  

Our history

 Founded in 2011, ITG is a leader in network services for  small and medium-sized businesses, offering a proven service portfolio  for customers looking for simple monitoring services to complete  outsourced IT solutions.  ITG's proactive services enable  customers to lower IT service costs, usher in a new sense of business  security and, foremost, provide customers peace of mind knowing thier IT  services are in trusted hands.  Based in Fort Wayne, Indiana, ITG  was voted one of Indianas' 2012 Best Businesses by the Indiana State  Business Tribune.

Our specialities

 Which should you be concentrating on? As an SMB you are too busy concentrating on being competitive in your marketplace and leveraging your corporate strengths and expertise in order to continually drive business.  You don't have time to be concerned with whether or not your RFP will get through the server and firewall to the customer or whether or not your network is going to be online long enough to allow you to print off your invoices.  You have bigger fish to fry, notably, making money! That's where ITG comes in.  ITG alleviates your headaches when it comes to network downtime.  By leveraging ITGMonitoring, our leading-edge network monitoring tool, we provide you the peace of mind of knowing that your network is being monitored 24×7 by industry experts.  And knowing that ITG is there to address any potential issue proactively, you can sleep easier at night, concentrating on more important things, like where to vacation! When network downtime is not an option… ITG! 

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